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5 Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction

As an employee/job seeker, you know that when it comes to your job, it's not just the work that needs to bring you joy but a variety of factors that influence your job satisfaction as a whole.

If you are a business owner or boss, it's pivotal to understand that your employees bring their best selves and work to the table when their needs (satisfactions) are met.

We aren't talking unnecessary "cure-all" solutions; instead placing yourself in their shoes to understand - why they stay or what creates employee satisfaction.

We know the workplace isn't - or shouldn't be - set up to be a holiday resort experience, but there are a couple of factors that can be implemented specifically for the retention, satisfaction and the excellent work produced by your employees for your organization.

Here's a few influential employment satisfaction factors:

1 - Work Environment

The work environment is so important. The "vibe" A.K.A the culture of the company; how the employees are treated, heard, understood and encouraged. There are simple ways to inspire and encourage a positive energy and good vibe all round. It's not always what's being said but how, and through which medium (email, Slack, Zoom, etc.). Acknowledging the work of others and making sure employees get along are foundational elements of a positive work environment. The team you hire needs to mesh and compliment one another for the best outcomes.

2 - Working Hours

Understanding that no human being can work 24/7 (even if that was your one Genie wish) it's just not going to happen. However, an hour of work won't cut it either. So in the end, setting a standard and understandable time of work for your employees is important. It's good to consider travel, time zones, children that need to be at school or after-school events, dinner time, family time etc. Meeting your employees half way is always a great start with the consideration of healthy boundaries and reasonable deadlines set in place.

3 - Salary

Touchy, touchy, touchy subject, we know... but it doesn't have to be! It's why we work, it's why we do what we do at the end of the day and that's a fact that no one can deny. Offering your employees a reasonable salary for the work that they do is so important, as for many, this is a reflection of their worth, their motivation and the level of input they feel they need to give to their position. Yes, it's not the ONLY driving factor for employees but a MASSIVE majority of them strive to provide for their families, live comfortably and want to know their future is safe. A good way to stay abreast of how much your employees should get offered would be to constantly check salary guides and consider the cost of living, rate of inflation, etc.

4 - Career Progression

Many juniors or first time employees see a future for themselves and eagerly want to be placed in a company that not only fulfills their needs but a company they can grow with. This adds to the self improvement of your employees and drives them to be better, work harder and accomplish more, not only for themselves but the business too. However, it's not only the non-experienced employees or juniors that envision this for themselves, but your senior level contributors yearn for continued growth, as well. Employees often want to do more; some want to work the corporate ladder, feel important and improve their skills from the day before. You can achieve this by implementing simple courses, training and development, tests, larger tasks, KPIs and variations of challenging work to grow your employees. After all, what you invest in grows - if you want company growth - invest in the people who are making that happen for your growing company.

5 - Benefits

Finally, giving an extra incentive here and there, taking away a few of life's stresses and lending a helping hand; be it financially or in policies, your employees will be grateful. It can be through dental care, 401K, commissions/profit-sharing, growth, spot bonuses and professional development etc. This shows your employees that not only is their health important to you and the business but their future - you're going the long road with them throughout their career while at your company and beyond.

As an employer and employee we must understand that there is a give and take to business and work. The actions you show your employees and the investment you make in their lives (not only their work) will be a driving factor for them to stay, and strive to reach goals and push even harder. If you're lucky, they'll feel valued and satisfied and won't feel the need to look for something better elsewhere. And when it's time for their new challenge, you'll be glad to support their growth outside of your organization too!

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