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5 Hiring Trends in Tech

2021 has brought unbelievable changes to the Technology Professional recruiting scene. In the early months of 2021, 60-70% of organizations experienced a hiring surge, and that hiring surge will continue through the coming year.

Your recruiting team needs to be prepared for higher volumes of openings and applicants alike. That also means sourcing, screening, and interviewing talent will increase significantly.

Here are 5 Hiring Trends that are dominating the Technology Hiring landscape right now:

Hiring Surge is In Affect

Companies that are moving fast through their recruitment cycle are the companies that will continue to win during the war for talent and through what they are calling the Great Resignation. Finding the right talent for new roles and retaining top talent should be among a company’s top priorities at this time.

Candidate Experience is a Key Recruitment Factor

Your people are your most valuable asset and their experience as an employee is absolutely critical to the success of your organization. Candidates who are exploring your company as a potential future employer are highly aware of their experience as they engage with you. Lengthy application processes, bad reviews on Glassdoor or other social outlets, or negative experience in their interaction with your HR and Talent teams greatly impacts their decision to move forward. Be sure to engage with applicants like people, have a story to tell and a compelling one at that, and make sure you don’t ghost your potential future employees - they’ll remember it.

“The way you treat your employees, is the way they’ll treat your customers” Richard Branson

Remote Hiring is Here to Stay

The role of technology and communication tools has become vital in our ability to source, recruit and hire great talent. The pandemic opened the doors to effectively utilizing these tools and they are here to stay. Over 80% of companies today already use artificial intelligence (AI) in HR in one form or another and it has extended to remote onboarding as well.

Companies will Hire for Soft Skills

Candidates with all the right skills are indispensable. It’s not just technical or hard skills that employers are seeking. In fact, according to this study, two-thirds of jobs heavily rely on soft skills like communication and empathy. LinkedIn’s most in demand skills this year include: creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability and emotional intelligence. They also offer a variety of trainings on soft skills. Check out their courses here.

Cybersecurity is in High Demand

The New York Times reports that cybersecurity jobs will increase from one million positions open in 2014 to 3.5 million unfilled jobs in 2021. Is your security up to par for your enterprise? Competition will be stiff to onboard cybersecurity professionals, so have an executable plan to identify and retain the best cybersecurity professionals for your team. Need to develop one? We can help.

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