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Can I see more candidates?

"This candidate is great. I think they’d make a great addition; but I want to see at least one more so I can compare."

A Recruiter’s day-to-day is remarkably complex, and adds tremendous value to an organization's ability to identify, attract, and hire great talent. There is a lot of fodder on LinkedIn these days, with recruiters lamenting the phrase “...but can I see one more candidate so I can compare.” While an option of one may not seem like an option, the truth is - that top candidate wasn’t the only candidate considered - but the best candidate that is available, presented, prepped, and supported through the recruiting process.

A recent post on LinkedIn by a Director of TA was enlightening and demonstrated how “seeing one more candidate,” can be a difficult approach to talent acquisition. Below is data provided by an engineering company.

On the backend, Recruiters do the heavy lifting - thus, saving time that we know Hiring Managers don’t have: Role: Intermediate Engineering Role

  • Viewed LinkedIn Profiles: 2,576

  • Selected: 1130

  • Contacted: 1069

  • Candidates replied: 215

What the hiring managers sees…

  • Pre-Screening calls: 50

  • Interviews: 14

  • Hired: 5

The “let’s see another candidate” approach is a dead-end road because you’ll risk losing a good candidate in pursuit of another that literally might not surface for another 3 months. The data above shows 14 people interviewed - which is only 1.3% of people contacted. 5 people were hired - which is only 0.4% of all people contacted. Finally, only 0.19% were hired of all the LinkedIn profiles the Recruiter reviewed.

Recruiters bring tremendous value to the hiring process. When you have a great recruiter or a great recruiting partner - trust them, partner with them to hone their craft in identifying a great talent pool. Collaboration breeds more collaboration and if you have great team players around you, your recruiting team will attract similar great talent! And the greatest takeaway, when you find a great candidate - be sure to consider the backstory of them making it to being a top consideration. Make your decision and move with intention towards interviewing/making an offer. Candidates will not wait days, weeks or months for you to feel you’re making a choice between two of them, just as we don’t want them to wait for other offers when yours is in their hand.

ITEOM Digital Technology Talent Partners is a trusted partner when it comes to finding great talent. We work with hiring managers to help them identify, interview, assess and onboard great talent. Equally, we work with candidates to help them align their purpose and passion with top employers. The interview process is hugely important in making sure your candidate and employer experience is exceptional. Need recruiting support? Reach out at


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