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Layoffs don’t have to define you. YOU define You!

Many of us depend on our careers - they're an extension of our identity - and without it we tend to feel a sense of loss or purpose when we suddenly find ourselves without that self defining aspect of our jobs. And of course, the loss of financial stability adds insult to injury.

Getting laid off or let go can be a very shocking and quite an emotional experience. You may feel like your world is falling apart. However, try NOT to blame yourself!

Layoffs can happen to anyone (trust us, we’ve been there!) and it’s important to understand that letting you go was likely painful for the people involved in delivering the news, too... After all, they spent time investing in you and your skills and abilities and you were contributing to their knowledge base and product delivery. Instead of focusing on what you could’ve done to prevent getting laid off, think back to what you accomplished and the new skills you acquired to set yourself up for a greater purpose and the next exciting step in your career journey.

In the moments and days after a lay-off, we know it can be tough to gather the steam and confidence to redefine who you are - so here are a few vital steps:

#1 - Know that this is not your fault and you are not to blame

#2 - Give yourself some time to absorb what has happened: Don’t make any big decisions

#3 - Review your termination letter and ensure you exercise all the benefits that are owed to you

#4 - Repeat steps 1-3 over and over until it becomes truth to you, then (and only then) can you take on the next step

#5 - Once you've gotten your groove back - re-examine your skills, your passions and interests, talk to friends and family or network with career advisors/recruiters on LinkedIn to get some fresh perspective on your career and what avenue you want to take.

When you are ready, put yourself out there and show the world just who YOU are! That layoff is an obstacle on your career path; it doesn’t define you. Only YOU can do that. You’ve got this.

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