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Major Factors to Navigate When Considering a New Role

A job promotion is wonderful in the sense that it symbolizes that you are getting ahead in your career, you're being noticed and OH THE BENEFITS that come along with that!!

It may come with a new job title, increased salary and a change of responsibilities that will help you broaden your experience and knowledge in your profession, new teammates, new challenges; the list goes on.

On the other hand, making a move to a new organization, new employer and a new company culture as a whole can truly change who you are and how you see things. The salary, the new interactions, the new and exciting things to learn THE BENEFITS here could be equally or more empowering for you!!!

Deciding whether to stay at your current employer for a job promotion or leaving it to work for a new employer offering a new opportunity and potential career advancement can be a difficult decision as each comes with advantages and disadvantages. Both could offer an opportunity to climb the ladder to your success.

A job promotion can mean--> Getting ahead in your career. New job title. Increased salary. Change of responsibilities broadening your experience and knowledge in your profession. Colleagues you know, know and trust you.

Leaving to work for a new employer can mean--> Salary increase. New packages and Benefits. New set of colleagues.

So how do you choose? There are many and various factors to consider when accepting a promotion or making the move.

Here are 5 that we put at the top of the list:

1. Salary Increase

= Your pay jump is often higher when you move to a new employer and you may also be presented with compensation and/or benefits you have never had.

= Your current employer may offer an increase and throw in added benefits/time off, a higher title, and/or compensation. In rare cases, they may offer a stay-bonus, a better bonus structure, or equity.

Know that you can also negotiate this if your inclination is to stay - ask for what you want.

2. Range of Experience

= Job promotions usually result in changes to your responsibilities; however, you may have grown accustomed to the ways of your current employer, which can limit new experiences.

= Accepting a job promotion with a new employer provides you with a new environment to work in and the opportunity to face entirely new challenges you have not had to face before; resulting in positive career growth and challenges.

= Beyond the job description itself, you are likely to learn a new industry, a new vertical within the same industry, a new cultural dynamic of a bigger or smaller environment, or a methodology that is new to you (Agile, Kaizen, OKRs, etc.)

3. Future Promotions

= With a new potential employer, you can ask during the interview what the standard for career advancement in the future will be, and what the company’s philosophy is on internal promotions

= As a fresh face in a new environment, you have the opportunity to set the stage with your new leaders in terms of your expectations for growth and advancement.

= You likely already have a good sense about your current employer on the potential for advancement down the road, besides this promotion offering.

4. Work Life Balance

= Your responsibilities may be the same if you accept a promotion with your current employer. If you were feeling stagnant, will this improve your situation?

= A new employer may have a different work schedule. Employers may offer a more flexible schedule so that you can work at home on some days, or require onsite full time. What makes you happier overall with your job?

5. Culture Fit

= If you are feeling engaged, respected, challenged, and valued by your team and leadership, you are in a healthy culture that impacts your performance and satisfaction in a positive way.

= When your current culture is having a less than positive impact on your performance and satisfaction, do as much research as possible on the culture/environment of your next potential employer. Include culture questions during your interview process!

And finally, why are you looking in the first place? Are you ready to expand your horizons? Are you tired of the day to day where you are? Or were you recruited? Over 90% of people say they'd be open to a new opportunity if it met all their wishes... perhaps your current employer is coming up short? Perhaps your future employer's pastures aren't as green?

Either way, be thoughtful in this decision. (See future blog on Counter Offers, *hint, avoid accepting one if possible!)

To make a big career decision you should always consider which employer offers the better matching of work lifestyle, salary, gained experience and future growth you're looking for.

Be sure to check off boxes that matter to you and know that no employer will offer EVERYTHING you're seeking for. But, keep a rule of thumb - majority rules. More boxes of yours checked is likely the option you should go for.

If you are looking to make the move - Check out these great opportunities/iteom/jobs that may tick all your boxes!

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