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Navigating Post-Interview Etiquette: 7 Avoidable Missteps

So, you've aced the interview. Your confidence was on point, your answers were stellar, and you left the room with a sense of accomplishment. Alas, the interview process isn't quite over yet.

What you do after the interview is just as crucial as what you did during it. Here are 7 avoidable missteps and their smarter alternatives to help you make the best impression after the interview:

1. The Silence Trap

Avoid: Going radio silent post-interview. A lack of follow-up can be interpreted as disinterest.

Instead: Send a thank-you email within 24 hours. It shows appreciation and reiterates your enthusiasm.

2. Ignoring Social Graces

Avoid: Neglecting to connect on LinkedIn or other professional platforms.

Instead: Send a connection request and a personalized message, reinforcing your interest in the role.

3. The Dreaded No-Show

Avoid: Ignoring a scheduled follow-up call or not returning a call when promised.

Instead: Always honor scheduled calls and promptly return any missed calls. It displays professionalism.

4. Overlooking Research

Avoid: Not researching the company or the industry after the interview.

Instead: Continue researching. Stats show that candidates who discuss post-interview research in follow-ups stand out.

5. Premature Salary Talk

Avoid: Bringing up salary too early in the process.

Instead: Wait until you receive an offer. Discussing salary in the later stages of negotiation can lead to a higher offer.

6. Ghosting Counteroffers

Avoid: Ghosting your current employer if you're considering a counteroffer. *Avoid ghosting anyone for that matter - be courageous.

Instead: Be transparent. Respectfully communicate your decision, demonstrating integrity. This is business, it isn’t personal - don’t give a reason to make it personal.

7. Being Too Impatient

Avoid: Bombarding the interviewer with frequent follow-up emails or calls.

Instead: Give them space. Data suggests that waiting for about a week before a polite follow-up is ideal.

In a competitive job market, your post-interview behavior can tip the scales in your favor. Keep in mind that professionalism and communication go a long way in leaving a lasting positive impression.

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