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Recruiting Stats Every Hiring Manager Should Know

It’s all hands on deck, folks. Recruiting dials are turned up and companies everywhere are ready to bring the best and brightest on board. If you aren’t already working with an external recruiting firm - now is a good time to consider your options. They advocate for your company and your hiring needs and add value to your internal teams efforts. Here are seven stats every hiring manager should know and a few tips on how working with recruiting partners can help you overcome these challenges.

“RECRUITER WANTED” +14,000 New Job Ads for Recruiters were Posted on LinkedIn in the beginning of January.

You read that right! Everyone everywhere is hiring recruiters. Like technology professionals, top candidates are only available for ten days before being hired (Officevibe, 2021). Moreso, if you have an internal recruiting team, they likely are stacked with high priority requirements and are having difficulty keeping up with the demands to stay in front of talent. You can extend their capacity by leveraging a talent partner who is connected to top talent. More eyes on the “prize.”

Due to the COVID-19, there has been a 135% rise in remote job offerings (Meetfrank, 2020)

Technology and software industries overall, haven’t seen major/long-term hiring freezes. That said, they’ve had to adjust their models for being in-office or remote. These past two years have allowed individuals to realize they can be productive working from home. So employers who are shifting to allow WFH/Remote work options are going to see a greater number of applicants and a greater interest from candidates. Flexibility in work arrangements is going to need to be more than lip-service.

Passive job seekers account for 73% of all candidates. (Linked in, 2021)

Even if you have a higher applicant pool to choose from - it might be the wrong type of person that is applying. This is when working with a recruiting partner can be really valuable. When you have “people first” conversations with your recruiting partners, they can then target and connect with the right candidates (those who are likely employed elsewhere). It’s all about timing and sometimes people need that carrot that piques their interest to get them to make a move. The people you want aren’t actively applying, because, heck, they aren’t even looking! Recruiting partners tend to stay deeply engaged with their niche pool of talent - why not leverage your recruiting partners networks.

According to Glassdoor, 89% of job seekers consider their mobile devices essential for job searching, and 45% use them at least once per day. (Glassdoor, 2021)

It’s true, some of your employees are taking a break from their work day as you are reading this to look for other opportunities on their mobile devices. We’re Omni-Connected, and there is no getting away from that. Are you positioning opportunities in the right places so the right kind of people can find you? Recruiting partners know how and where to help employers connect with the right kind of talent they want on their teams. Posting to your website and praying it gets picked up by job boards and hoping the right talent applies - just doesn’t cut it (Spoiler - It hasn’t for a long while now!)

Negative onboarding experiences make new hires twice as likely to look for other opportunities (Digitate)

You have found your new team member and you’re excited to have them start. But, through their onboarding process they didn’t get the communication they needed from your HR or Talent team. Or perhaps their experience was flawed or delayed. It’s highly likely that that experience will cause them concern and they might continue to seek other opportunities. Recruiting partners are advocates for your company, they keep candidates engaged through the process so that when their start date comes - everyone is prepared. They work with your teams to make sure your new team member is set up for success.

According to Mercer, 79% of organizations focus on developing and promoting talent from within, and 48% increase their recruitment from the shallow labor pool. (Mercer, 2021)

Internal Promotions and Internal Referrals are far and away the most effective talent strategy. That said, your best and brightest might be on the hunt for a new opportunity external to your organization. It’s important to take an analysis of your current teams and see where you can upskill, re-invigorate purpose, create new opportunities and promote belonging. Talent acquisition is enacting increasingly on “employee retention” and if this isn’t happening at your organization - it’s time to consider taking action. While recruiting partners can backfill your best and brightest, their legacy knowledge, experience and what they contribute to your culture can be hard to replace.

Bad hires can result in a 32% drop in employee morale, and a 36% drop in productivity (TheUndercoverRecruiter)

Bad hires can greatly impact your organization in terms of productivity, morale, and the bottom line. (It’s costly to make a bad hire!) So you can’t afford to NOT bring on the right people. Working with a recruiting partner can extend your talent acquisitions capabilities and allow your company’s story to be shared with a targeted audience. Deep intake conversations and collaboration create valuable partnerships - make sure not to withhold any pertinent information from your recruiting partners. They’ll work hard for you to aid in avoiding that costly bad hire.

There are many great talent agencies that will commit to your success.

If your current partner isn’t helping you overcome some of the challenges mentioned above, or if they are just throwing resumes your way to see what sticks - find a firm that will work for and with you instead. ITEOM’S unique Talent Identification System enables us to guide talent acquisition projects even in the face of an extremely competitive talent market. We’d love to share more with you about our people first approach and how we align purpose and passion for our candidates and clients alike. Email us to set up a time to connect.


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