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SEEKING A NEW OPPORTUNITY? Try these tips for your search….

Congratulations! It’s an exciting time to be seeking a change in your professional status. We know it’s a big, life-changing, decision… but in the long run, it always pays off.

Here’s a few tips to help you get started on your search.

Treat your job search like a JOB.

Finding a new job can be a full time job in of itself. And, treating it like one will only help you in the decision you’ve made to change roles. Commit to marketing yourself, searching for a new role, building your network and applying for new opportunities for at least 1-2 hours/day. Use this time to build a target list of companies you’d like to work for, to research new job opportunities, and to make introductions to peers and colleagues who might work at your dream company.

Update your Resume and Your Professional Web Presence

This is a first impression of you and you aren’t who you were 10 years ago; be sure your resume reflects you, and your most recent experience. You never know when you might connect with someone who is ready to review it - so be sure you update the responsibilities and successes you’ve had at each job starting with your most recent employer. If you’ve been working for more than 15 years, awesome, but don’t feel obligated to include work experience prior to 2007. Additionally, you should also update your personal website and your professional social media pages. Some companies will even ask for your portfolio. Need help creating one? Check out this guide on building technical portfolios.

Go Public About Your Job Search

Once your resume is up to date, your web presence is set, and your intention to make a change is known - go public about your search. You’ll be amazed at how supportive your community of colleagues and friends are and your networking will open doors to potential opportunities. You can follow people on LinkedIn, you can join user groups and engage with other professionals, you can also work with recruiting partners like ITEOM who will represent you to multiple companies as your skills align.

Manage your Expectations through your Job Search

Some people get lucky landing a dream job off of just one application, or one call to a friend. For most, finding a new role takes time. Keep at it, and try not to get discouraged. Be sure to give yourself a schedule so that you aren’t getting burnt out on searching for a new role. (Being burnt-out, is probably why you are looking in the first place, right? So be patient - It all works out in the end.)

Be an Engaged Candidate

Candidate Experience is all the rage right now, but it takes two to tango. Be sure to follow instructions on applications, upload your resume saved with your name (you’d be shocked how many resume.doc resumes we receive!), stand out with short introductions/cover letters to the talent acquisition or hiring manager, be prepared for interviews and by all means, be sure to send a thank you note. It might not make a difference, but it gives you another chance to make a lasting impression and showcase your ability to contribute to their team.

Need help? ITEOM: Digital Technology Talent Partners is a niche talent agency that delivers passionate technologists like you to top employers across the Southwest. ITEOM’S team of delivery consultants works with our Hiring Partners to identify and place talent that meets project roadmaps on time and within budget. We can help you with your search, too. Contact us at -


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