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What we find inspiring…

Aha moments come in many forms and from many places (sometimes from the depths of sleep [or sleeplessness]!) At ITEOM, we are avid readers, researchers, relationship builders and we’re constantly in pursuit of professional growth. In this blog, we’ll keep a running list of Books/Authors, Podcasts, Websites, and other Thought Leader’s posts that brought light and value to us in some way. Click through, read, explore, learn…. and feel free to like it or leave it.

UNLOCKING US - Brene Brown brings all the goods on vulnerability, showing up, being your authentic self, and so much more. Every time we visit, we learn something new.

On Belonging - Belonging was so important to the leaders of ITEOM, that we built our values on it. Paul Haury offers so much wisdom; Simon Sinek goes into detail on belonging here: and Amy Cuddy drops tons of wisdom. We all seek belonging, connection and a chance to be seen and heard.

Meditation and Self Growth - We love Insight Timer ( and; both offer amazing meditations, talks, and guided courses that enhance self confidence, promote self growth, optimize your experience with gratitude, and so much more.


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