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Optimize Your Candidate Onboarding Experience

New Member of the Team Starting Soon?

Great News! You have a new team member starting soon. While everyone is excited and eager to meet the new teammate, everyone might be a little anxious too. As much as everyone wants to hit the ground running when they start, time and attention are needed when it comes to the latest member getting acquainted with “who's - who” and “what's - what”.

Company cultures and day-to-day tasks do vary from company to company. Regardless, thriving in a unique position is crucial for the success of the newbie, the organization, and the team players involved. Ensuring the newcomer feels supported and has the necessary tools and resources to succeed in their new role is essential.

Here are a few tips to make everyone (the newcomer and the current teammates) comfortable with one another and to allow for smooth sailing regarding onboarding, training procedures, and getting down to work.

Hiring Managers As the Hiring Manager, some planning can go a long way. It's vital to ensure that the onboarding process is well-structured and has clear goals and expectations set from the start.

  • You've brought them on to do a specific job, so be sure to prep their foundations for learning so they can ultimately achieve and exceed your expectations. Make a training plan, make sure they are connected with the right people, and certainly make sure they know you're there for them.

  • Assign a work buddy, a peer, or a colleague who can provide guidance and support during the initial daunting weeks on the job. They can set up regular check-ins and feedback sessions so the new employee can take on additional tasks incrementally.

  • Team bonding activities will help the new employee feel part of the team because teamwork, as we all know - makes the dream work! Ensure the newcomer takes advantage of the opportunities that allow growth and enhancement of their skills.

  • BE APPROACHABLE - Nothing is worse than someone feeling as though they can't come to you with anything, let alone good news. It will help the new employee feel comfortable and confident in their new role to give and receive feedback and contribute positively to the team.

  • And finally, set up recurring meetings to provide guidance and support; there is nothing better than feedback in the moment and regular recognition to make a team member feel valued.

Peer-to-Peer Diversity is critical when it comes to building great and productive teams. We know not everyone has the same personality, attitude, or belief system - but as a peer, openly welcoming the new team member is highly important. Remember how intimidating and overwhelming it was when you were the new teammate?

  • As a peer, you can start introducing them to other team members, giving them the low-down on what they do and which department they are in, and making intros to other key people in the know. This will allow them to build relationships and get more comfortable with other team members.

  • Have patience. It's a virtue when it comes to new ones, and it's the whole "learning the ropes" again for someone. So consider offering guidance and support when needed and be willing to answer any questions they may have.

  • It's awkward, we know, but providing good and bad feedback can allow them to reflect and course correct. It also helps them feel valued, guided, and motivated to continue growing in their role.

  • Pride-aside time. New people come with great ideas and see things from a different perspective. Be open to learning from them as well; being receptive to these can benefit the team.

Cross-Functional | Department Wide There is an overlapping collaboration between departments, so when new employees join, it's good to inform the departments they will correspond with the most. Navigating the different roles and responsibilities can be challenging, but it's also critical if a team ultimately wants to achieve the vision set out by leadership.

  • Identify how their role fits into the larger picture of the organization to ensure clarity. This way, the new employee feels less "blind" in what they are doing, and cross-functionally, other department leads can support the overarching goals for learning. Win-win, everyone feels more connected and motivated to contribute.

  • Consider assigning mentors or coaches from various departments who can help employees feel they can always turn to someone without fearing being judged from a primary point of view.

  • Departments should be open to providing opportunities for recognition and feedback; this helps new and existing employees feel valued and motivated to continue growing in their roles.

THE NEWBIE And lastly, for the new guy on the block, we understand the immense, overwhelming feeling that takes over the whole body and mind. We know it can feel like you don't even know how you got the job in the first place because you feel like your mind has left your body. You're feeling heavy imposter syndrome, but there is hope! Don't curl up into a fetal position just yet.

  • Put aside time to learn about the company culture and values before you start, and try to integrate into the team when opportunities arise.

  • Be proactive in meeting your new team members, seek learning opportunities from them, and try to build relationships.

  • There is no such thing as a dumb question, so take your stand and ask as many questions that flood your mind, even if you need to ask the same question 4 times till the answers make complete sense.

  • Company Jargon? Every company has it, so be sure to ask for the list to familiarize yourself with all the TLAs (three-letter acronyms).

  • Seek feedback regularly to ensure you're meeting expectations and identifying areas for improvement.

  • Set clear goals for yourself from the minute you set foot into your new habitat and track progress towards achieving them, even if it does take time.

  • Don't allow doubt to fill your mind, maintain a positive attitude, and be adaptable in the face of new challenges, staying open to new perspectives and opportunities for growth. They hired you for a reason, didn't they? So show them what you got!

And there you have it. A successful onboarding process is essential for everyone involved. Things like assigning a work buddy, regular check-ins and feedback sessions, team bonding activities, and clear communication of roles and responsibilities can help new employees feel comfortable and confident in their new roles. And remember, it is also crucial for the current team members to make an effort to be welcoming, patient, and open to learning from the new employee. By implementing these strategies, the new employee can thrive in their new position and contribute to the organization's success in no time. They of course will have HR onboarding requirements too - sometimes more tenuous than others. They'll appreciate all the help they can get!

At ITEOM Digital Technology Talent Partners, we understand the importance of finding the right fit for both employer and employee. As a #SBA certified #EDWOSB, #WOSB, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and candidates. Our team works with hiring managers to identify, interview, assess, and excellent onboard talent while working with candidates to align their purpose and passion with top employers. Reach out to us at to learn.


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